Believe it or not, there was a time when we did not merely consume products and services; instead, we actively participated in life. We foraged or produced and cooked our own food. We made our own music and stories, and performed them around fires for family, friends and our immediate communities. We carved out our own spoons and bowls in the shape of our own soul. We made our booze together and drank it together. But gradually the ghostly spirit of The Machine infiltrated our minds, and possessed them. Now instead of living lives that are rich with diversity and which allow us to express a thousand aspects of ourselves in a thousand different ways, we specialise in one particular job or another, doing more or less the same thing every hour of every day in an attempt to replicate the mantra of ‘maximum efficiency’, a quality which has an undeservedly good reputation.”
-Mark Boyle


Published by

The Plant Kingdom

Daily delivery subscription service of healthy plant based menu

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