Creative Plant-based Workshop

@The Plant Kingdom
Wednesday, Μay 9
18.00 – 21.00 

“The Plant Kingdom” Creative Plant-based Living Workshop Vol2

Guided by Raw food artist & plant based cuisine Chef Esco Essence

This workshop will empower you to eat in a way that you are healthier and thrive in life. We will learn sustainable ways of living & make the “Healthy” choices that will bring longevity into our lives, while simultaneously respecting more the planet and the beautiful living Nature. We will also provide you with practical guidance and food preparation techniques that are easy to start using on your own. Together we’ll take a journey to explore, how we can use food to transform our lives on a daily basis.


We will have discussions on health benefits of plant based eating and how learning the importance of holistic nutrition can bring our body back into balance and harmony

  • What is Whole Plant Based Nutrition?
  • Nutrients for Long Life & 5 factors of well being!
  • How can we get the benefits of enzymes?
  • You will learn to create exciting flavors and cultivate the sensations of Taste.
  • Sugar burns too fast! Nutritious alternatives…
  • How to cultivate probiotics!
  • What makes food really taste delicious?
  • Always be kind when preparing food!
  • Family that eats together stays together!


We will create menu of recipes together from plant based ingredients:

  • Cultivating Probiotics & making Nut “CheeZe”
  • Enzyme rich activated seed crackers
  • Savory summer salads & secrets of dressing
  • Gluten, dairy, raw & sugar free sweet dessert


Together we will take journey into plant kingdom and experience the sensations of plant based cuisine!

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